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Health Check Uncovers Dashboard Performance Issues

Company Overview

Q-Centrix aims to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care in the U.S. through the use of its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps, coupled with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists.


Q-Centrix created external dashboards for hospitals and healthcare facilities to monitor procedure outcomes and identify ways to improve patient care and mortality rates.  The dashboards allowed users to analyze metrics such as procedures by surgeon and facility, with the ability to drill down and compare against other related data points like cause of death.

Although the dashboards provided important metrics, Q-Centrix was experiencing performance issues that made the dashboards slow and impacted decision-making by healthcare providers. Seeking to improve the quality of their customers’ analytics solution, Q-Centrix engaged with Analytics8 to perform a health check and provide recommendations to improve dashboard performance.


Analytics8 performed a thorough health check for Q- Centrix’s analytics solution. During this exercise, we reviewed each dashboard, captured baseline performance numbers, identified bottlenecks, and documented recommendations for improvement.  We analyzed the queries feeding the dashboard to identify how they could be contributing to the slow performance. We looked at how many queries were being run, which took the longest, and how many hit the cache. We also suggested some design changes to the dashboards that would make them run faster.


Because of the health check, we uncovered the root cause of the issue (excessive dashboard components, redundant KPIs, and long string searches in expressions) and provided recommendations to help Q-Centrix improve dashboard performance and increase user adoption. This improvement allowed Q-Centrix to offer a stronger analytics solution to its customers so they can make better decisions and ultimately improve patient care and experience.

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