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Asset Management Company Reduces Quarterly Reporting Process from 3 Days to 10 Minutes

Business Need

An asset management company lacked a solution to view important financial metrics, such as raw EBITDA, revenue by issuers and industry, and year-over-year growth. In order to determine these metrics, IT, Operations, Marketing, and Product departments had to collaborate and perform manual computations in an enormous antiquated Excel file. While this process was highly manual during the most stressful time in the quarter, it was also prone to error. Furthermore, if data quality issues were found upon inspecting the final report, Operations had to fix the source data and then start all over.


Analytics8 moved the company away from Excel and developed an interactive solution in QlikView that allows them to:

  • View Key Metrics: View the raw EBITDA and Revenue by various dimensions and relative year-over-year growth percentages.
  • Ensure Data Quality: The solution includes a data quality tab that checks for frequently known issues, such as missing Industry or Financial Date.  A data quality report is also emailed 2 weeks prior to the deadline so that operations may address any issues on a timely basis.
  • Automate Reports: An NPrinting report exports the metrics and displays them in a report that is distributed among the company.


As a result of this automated solution, the time to determine key metrics and compile into a report decreased by over 99% – from three days to 10 minutes!  By removing manual calculations, the CEO can get the numbers he needs faster, and everyone else can focus on other quarter-end processes.  Because the Qlik solution clearly highlights data quality issues, rectifying reports has become much more efficient.

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