Customer Story

Care Services Helps Customers Make Informed Decisions About Health with Data and Analytics

Company Overview

Care Services, LLC was founded in 2011 and manages a family of companies that provide services and solutions to long-term care pharmacies and hospice providers.

Problem: An unhealthy approach to data leaves everyone vulnerable

Care Services needed to access and utilize detailed data surrounding its customers, including drug inventory levels, shipment and location, and claims. They wanted to use this data to improve the analytics it provided to its customers, so they could make better decisions around prescription drug types, claims, inventory levels, and more.

However, Care did not have a formal data strategy or a consistent approach to analytics. The organization’s data lived in many places and staff was spending time and effort maintaining two separate data warehouses and data flows. This led to redundant maintenance activities and the inability to perform the breadth of analytics that it desired due to incomplete and unconnected data. The organization also relied on manual reporting in Excel which was time consuming and prone to error.

Care Services looked to Analytics8 to develop an improved data strategy and improve how it collected, used, and analyzed data throughout the company.

Solution: A triage of structures, processes, and tools leads to building solid data foundation

Data and Analytics Assessment:

To get Care on the right path, Analytics8 first conducted a data and analytics assessment. During this process, we interviewed business users to identify their daily processes and understand how they were currently using their data. We reviewed their existing IT processes, data structures, and documented their requirements for a new analytics solution.

Taking this information, we created a long-term roadmap and detailed implementation plan that included the development of a data warehouse, reusing logic from existing data flows where possible, and development of dashboards in Power BI. Due to HIPAA security requirements, we suggested a hybrid cloud deployment approach with sensitive data being live queried from its source and non-sensitive data living in the cloud to help with performance.

Data Warehouse and Analytics Implementation:

Moving forward with the solution outlined in the assessment, we developed a data warehouse that integrated Care’s disparate data sources (including data from Claim Adjudication Systems (Laker/PDMI), Salesforce, NetSuite, CDS, TracRX, ScriptCare Pharmacy Network, ScriptCare Pricing, and Microsoft Access) into one centralized data repository.  We deployed the solution via Power BI Service on Azure (sensitive data remained only in the data warehouse and was not pushed to the cloud).  We also consolidated and standardized its existing data structures and processes according to modern best practices.

With a solid data foundation in place, we then developed and deployed a modern analytics solution using Power BI that automated Care’s manual and customized reporting process. The analytics solution provides Care customers with enhanced reports so they can better understand details about prescriptions, claims, top drugs, and much more. For example, Care’s customers are able to better understand details around brand name vs generic drug usage and tweak their utilization of these drugs to realize cost savings.

Results: The prognosis is clear: Data and analytics reduce headaches

The roadmap from the strategic assessment provided Care Services with a plan to improve its data and analytics processes, solutions, and technologies. With the implementation of the data warehouse and analytics solution, Care now has one single version of truth, reduced maintenance costs, improved data quality, and gained a streamlined data management process and better analytics.

The new data and analytics solution allows Care Services to:

  • Spend less time figuring out how to collect and integrate data from its disparate sources.
  • Provide faster, better reporting and analytics to its customers. Customers can now make better decisions around inventory, order status, drug claims, and more.
  • Automate manual, time-consuming reporting processes. Reports that used to take 3.5 hours to create now take 10-15 minutes. Compared to Care’s prior reporting solution, this saves Care more than 1000 hours per year.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, leading to better retention of customers.
  • Reduce organizational risk by eliminating knowledge silos that existed within IT.
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