Customer Story

Retailer Can Now React Faster Than Ever to Consumer Demands

Global Apparel Retailer

Company Overview

This client is a multichannel apparel retailer with a global customer base.


As our client continued to expand, it needed the ability to react to changing consumer demand. The company wanted insights into questions such as:

  • Why did sales of this particular product category decline?
  • Where did sales of this specific product increase?
  • Why was this product profitable compared to other products?

However getting answers to questions like these and many others was difficult and time-consuming. Management had to rely on IT for answers, which had numerous reports already created for broad questions. In many cases, business users wanted answers for different, or very specific products, categories, or colors. The company needed a solution that would generate answers at the time the questions were asked…not a week later. It needed the ability to plan and look into the future, instead of spending all of its time researching the past.


Analytics8 developed a solution that allows the company’s users from IT, marketing, sales, and management to get detailed information about its products, markets, forecasting, and customers. The solution features an ad hoc function that lets users configure a specific result set for whatever parameters they select. This solution pulls data from all of the company’s data sources, including SQL Server and Excel. It also merges the company’s historical data with its forecasted data—something the company was unable to do previously. With its wide array of products, styles, colors, and SKUs, this application processes massive amounts of data, and with just a few clicks, users can analyze hundreds of millions of transaction records, getting just the right insight they need, when they need it.

The company’s business units are now able to quickly analyze so much more of the data that has traditionally been unavailable to them. Users can see exactly the information they need without flooding IT with requests and without waiting days or even weeks for answers. Users are even able to conduct ad hoc analysis to get the prompt answers they need.

Our client is now able to react to changes in product demand faster than ever. The company can see changes in near real time, allowing it to respond quickly and capitalize on changes in buying behavior and trends. Compared to its legacy reporting system, users are now able to accomplish in a few clicks, what would have previously taken them several hours, or even days.

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