Analytics8 recently rebranded, unveiling a new logo and confirming its position as the premier data consulting firm.

Founded in 2002, Analytics8 has gone through a name change, partnerships, and new beginnings — but it has always been focused on delivering value to its clients by providing honest advice and practical data analytics solutions.

CEO David Fussichen started as a one-person company, named Agile Analytics in 2003, merged with Analytics8 Australia in 2005, bought out of that partnership in 2018, and has since acquired other businesses and expanded into other countries — and he’s only just getting started to create the impact he sought out to achieve.

“At Analytics8, it is our goal to not only help our clients maximize the value of their data” Fussichen says, “but to provide practical, straightforward solutions rooted in business fundamentals that can stand the test of time, setting companies on the path for long-term success.”

Our brand identity in action: The vast ways we meet our clients where they are and guide the path to a better future with data.

From the beginning, the “8” in Analytics8 has symbolized the near infinite ways that data analytics approaches and technologies can be used to drive a business forward. It represents the balanced solutions between IT and business that allow the entire organization to achieve limitless value from their data.

Fussichen reflects on his decision to partner with Analytics8 Australia: “We shared a passion for wanting to take the bullshit out of bloated project work that the big management consulting firms often delivered. We were on the same page about wanting to deliver value and meet the needs of our clients as quickly as we could. And that made sense to me. It still does.”

With a clear focus on his mission and vision, Fussichen has grown the company even through the global financial crisis of 2008, the pandemic of 2020, and more recently, through the complex and dynamic business landscape experienced globally these last couple of years.

“The original plan was never to be a big company,” Fussichen states. “But rather to achieve greatness by delivering exceptional results to our clients. By remaining agile and consistent, we have been able to broaden our impact without compromising on the effectiveness of our solutions.”

Today, Analytics8 has more than 200 employees with operations in two continents — with plans to expand even more.

Three logos aligned left to right represent Analytics8's logo evolution from 2002 to 2023.

Analytics8 has rebranded twice — once in 2008 and again in 2023. The logo is new, but mission is same: transforming organizations with data.

To mark its new chapter, the company rebranded, unveiling a new logo that represents the limitless possibilities offered by Analytics8.

CMO Tracey Doyle explains her goal of the new logo: “We wanted to tell the story of a modern, elegant, and premier firm that is ready to provide clients with data solutions that are simple, sophisticated, and efficient.”

To tell that story, Doyle interviewed customers and employees to confirm and clearly understand what was needed in the market, why it is important, and ultimately how it could be expressed in a logo.

“The main reason we rebranded is to let current and future clients know that we are invested in the future. We [Analytics8] have grown so much in the last couple of years, it was time to update our look to reflect our presence in the marketplace today and in our commitment to our clients. And I believe we have accomplished that.”

The new logo is the outline of the letter “A” paired with an abstraction of the numeral “8”, which resembles the infinity symbol, flipped sideways. One continuous line intersects only twice to create the A8 symbol. “This simple and sleek design illustrates the simplicity of our approach to difficult problems our clients may be facing,” Doyle says.

Analytics8 stands out from competitors in the industry by providing pragmatic and practical data analytics solutions that are tailored to meet clients’ unique business needs. “Unlike other vendors,” Fussichen notes, “Analytics8 remains vendor agnostic, ensuring that we make the best recommendations for our client’s business needs and long-term success. Period.”

He adds, “We prioritize a business-first philosophy, taking the time to get to know you, your challenges, and objectives before writing any code.” With more than 20 years of experience, Analytics8 is now the premier, independent data analytics consulting firm that will take your business to the next level with data.

“The thing I am most proud of,” Fussichen says, “Is building a team that is not only capable of driving the core mission of Analytics8 but building it so that it keeps getting better. We are the best data team you will ever work with!”

Sharon Rehana Sharon Rehana is the content manager at Analytics8 with experience in creating content across multiple industries. She found a home in data and analytics because that’s where storytelling always begins.
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