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How iFit Enabled Triple-Digit Growth by Modernizing Their Data and Analytics Ecosystem

iFit is an industry leader in home gym interactive technology solutions. It is a world-wide product used by millions across many brands, including NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, and others.

Over the past year, iFit has achieved triple digit growth. With this growth came a huge increase in data volume and complexity, and as a result, source system integration was becoming too labor intensive to get a timely picture of what was going on in the company including getting insights into customer preferences, why members left, and how to incentivize them to say. iFit needed a solution that integrated all its data and enabled better, faster analytics.

Hear from iFit’s CTO, Chase Brammer, on how the company went from disjointed analysis and manual data compilation processes to a modern, cloud-based solution that allows them to draw insights from a rich, unified dataset.

In this webinar, iFit discusses:

  • The problems that led them to modernize their data and analytics ecosystem
  • The development of their data strategy and how it guided the project
  • The design and elements of their modern technology stack
  • Their modern, agile analytics platform — how it was built to grow with them as use cases, data sources, and the business evolves
  • Results: How iFit can now better understand their customers, reduce customer churn, grow their member base, and take advantage of the virtual fitness market

iFit’s modern technology stack includes:

Learn more about Looker, Snowflake, and dbt.

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Meet the hosts

Chase Brammer, CTO, iFit

Chase brings nearly twenty years of technology experience to the role of iFit's Chief Technology Officer. Chase loves the balance between business and technical and has been instrumental in driving iFit from the initial conception and scaling it to a world-class and world-wide product used by millions across many brands, including NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, and others.

David Williams, Managing Director, Customer Success, Analytics8

David leads our Customer Success initiative which ensures every customer is a priority. He and his team develop a deep understanding of each customer’s business goals, as well as their specific needs, so that our data and analytics solutions make a lasting positive impact.