Upcoming Webinar

Empower Your Data Users: Build a Superior Data Experience

Thursday, December 9, 2021 | 11 am – 12pm CT

How to get more value from your analytics solution

Data users are more analytically mature than they once were, and they are expecting a more seamless data experience, from how they access analytics to taking the next logical step with their data. And since the value of your data is directly correlated with the ease in which it can be harnessed, it’s important to accommodate them. Better data experiences result in faster decision-making, wider adoption of your analytics investments, innovative thinking, and increased revenues.

How do you offer a better data experience? In this webinar, we will discuss:  

  • What we mean by a superior data experience
  • Specific ways to get more value from your analytics solution including embedded analytics, data monetization, and frameworks and accelerators
  • How to get started and criteria to consider when you are improving your data experience
  • Tools and technologies that can help
  • Real world examples- how some of our customers are offering a better data experience

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Meet the host

Kevin Lobo, VP of Analytics, Analytics8

Kevin joined Analytics8 as a Staff Consultant in 2015, where his days were spent digging into data, rapid prototyping apps, building data models, and customizing visualizations. Today, Kevin leads our Analytics service line, overseeing its strategic direction and ensuring the delivery of modern, high-impact analytics solutions for our clients. He's helped organizations in almost every industry use data and analytics as a means of transformative change. Catch him on LinkedIn, where he regularly shares tips for doing more with your data and how to navigate the noisy industry of data and analytics.