Understanding a Transition to the Cloud

Companies are migrating their data and analytics platforms to the cloud at a pace faster than ever before, but this is no simple task. CIOs are faced with an overwhelming number of options for technology providers and services, there are questions about security and resources, and executives worry about the cost of disrupting business operations during the migration.

In this webinar, our CTO, Patrick Vinton, helps define cloud vernacular and provide a basic framework for what it takes to successfully migrate to the cloud. He provides insights on current cloud technology along with tips that will minimize the risk of disrupting your business.

Who should watch? Anybody who is interested in the cloud for computing and/or storage but lacks a cursory understanding of the topic and feels overwhelmed by the process. We are not taking a deep dive into technical subjects during this session.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why so many companies are migrating to the cloud and why others are resisting
  • An overview of the dominate cloud providers
  • Tips for a smooth migration to the cloud