Top 8 Data and Analytics Trends To Focus On: Panel Discussion

The data and analytics market moves fast, and it can be hard to gauge what’s worth paying attention to and what’s just a passing fad.

Join us for a panel style virtual event where our experts will discuss the top 8 data and analytics trends you should focus on to drive business transformation in 2022.

During this event, our experts discussed:

  • Concepts and solutions at the forefront of the data and analytics industry
  • Top technologies businesses are adopting and why
  • Where to place your attention to help transform your business and move at the pace needed to meet new demands

Meet our expert panelists below

Meet the hosts

Patrick Vinton, Chief Technology Officer, Analytics8

Patrick is responsible for leading the technical direction of Analytics8, ensuring that we are able to provide the most cutting edge and effective technologies, methodologies, and approaches to help our customers make the best decisions with data.

Kevin Lobo, Managing Director, Analytics8

Kevin leads our Analytics Service Line, overseeing its strategic direction and ensuring the delivery of modern, high-impact analytics solutions for our clients.

Tony Dahlager, Managing Director, Analytics8

Tony leads our Data Management Service Line, which includes cloud architecture, data architecture, and data engineering and integration.

Christina Salmi, Managing Director, Analytics8

Christina leads our Data Strategy Service Line, helping our customers to think and act strategically about data and analytics.