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Compete with the Giants: 7 Elements of a Data Strategy

For most companies, data is viewed as a problem instead of an asset. Data is often stuck in systems that don’t talk to each other, manual processes affect data quality, and analytics tools aren’t providing clear insights. But those companies who use their data to drive business strategy are out-performing their competitors.

To be more competitive in any industry, you must take advantage of the ever-growing amount of available data – and that starts with a Data Strategy. A documented roadmap that clearly defines company goals and the specifics on how to get there will put you on the path towards data-driven decision making.

In this session, we will use Retail industry examples to discuss:

  • What is a Data Strategy and how it has helped organizations get ahead
  • 7 key elements of a Data Strategy and real-life applications
  • The importance of a Roadmap that outlines the “how and when” to achieve your goals

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Meet the host

David Williams, VP of Data Strategy, Analytics8

David oversees the Data Strategy Service Line, working with clients to deeply understand how data can improve their operations and creating roadmaps that bring to life their vision for analytics maturity.