Turn on Savings with Spend Analytics

Did you know that companies who follow spend analytics practices report millions of dollars of year-over-year savings? See how you can take control of your spend, make better purchasing decisions, and identify savings opportunities that directly impact the bottom line with a spend analytics tool like SpendView.

During this webinar, our spend analytics and procurement expert will show you how SpendView can help you:

  • Consolidate, cleanse, and classify all of your spend related data in one place
  • Determine potential savings from eliminating rogue spend and consolidating suppliers
  • See how vendors are performing against your corporate goals
  • Determine how many vendors and how much spend are associated with your categories
  • Group vendors into actionable business categories and create a true Master Vendor List
  • Use pre-built reports so you can see what you are spending your money on and with whom
  • Classify, cleanse, and normalize data using dynamic rules sets that are tailored to your unique business

Meet the host

Travis LaMont, Analytics8

Travis is a Managing Consultant and Qlik Practice Lead at Analytics8. He is a certified Qlik Developer and Trainer and specializes in migrations to the Qlik environment. As the architect of the SpendView product offering, he has extensive experience in supply chain and procurement analytics.