How to Use Data and Analytics to Recover from a Recession

COVID-19 has disrupted business operations across the country, and this disruption is not just a phase. Businesses must define new business models as we continue to face issues like changing customer expectations and buying behaviors, fragile supply chains, challenges of remote work, updated health and safety requirements, and managing employee retention.

A modern data culture—complete with an updated data and analytics strategy, practices, methods, and infrastructure—is the determining factor for your ability to make quick, informed decisions in an unpredictable and rapidly changing business landscape.

Now is the time to address your data and analytics practices so that you successfully confront new challenges and recognize emerging opportunities.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Updating your data strategy to reflect new company goals and direction
  • How cloud migration aids recovery efforts
  • What an effective data infrastructure looks like
  • How to use analytics to navigate this crisis, with specific use cases on supply chain, HR, and customer behavior

Meet the host

David Fussichen, Chief Executive Officer, Analytics8

In 2005, David founded Analytics8 in the United States. His focus is on leading and building Analytics8’s business in the Americas as well as our worldwide products business.