Communicate Data with the Right Visualizations

While there is an art to dashboard design, the science behind visualization is more important than most people realize. In this webinar, we’ll show how to approach data visualization in a systematic way that will unlock the story your data holds.
Data visualization is no longer just for designers and developers. Whether you are a business leader, a strategist or an analyst, this webinar will give you practical ways to challenge the status quo of your organization’s current data visualizations and help your team communicate with each other using your data in a maximally effective way.

Questions we’re going to answer:

  • Why is data visualization so important?
  • How do you pick the right visualizations to communicate the story in your data?
  • Is there a way to objectively measure effectiveness of data visualizations?
  • How do you create dashboards that users will adopt and use?

Meet the host

Tony Dahlager, Managing Director, Analytics8

Tony leads our Data Management Service Line, which includes cloud architecture, data architecture, and data engineering and integration.