Building a Data and Analytics Strategy for Higher Ed Institutions

From financial and budgetary information to academic performance metrics, institutions of Higher Education have so much critical data on their hands. But many times, this ever-growing amount of data is viewed as a problem instead of an asset, because data is stuck in systems that don’t talk to each other, manual processes impede data quality, and analytics tools aren’t focused on the KPIs you care about.

Between student, faculty, and donor expectations and the reality of remaining competitive in the marketplace, the stakes are high in this industry. It’s time for Higher Ed institutions to put their data to work; and it starts with a Data Strategy.

Watch to learn about the most important step to unleashing the power of your data.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Data Strategy definition and how it can help you achieve your institutional goals
  • Key elements of a Data Strategy and real-life applications
  • The importance of a Roadmap that outlines the “how and when” to achieve your goals

Meet the host

David Williams, Managing Director, Analytics8

David leads our Customer Success initiative which ensures every customer is a priority. He and his team develop a deep understanding of each customer’s business goals, as well as their specific needs, so that our data and analytics solutions make a lasting positive impact.