Build Your Case For BI: Quantify Your Investment

The demand for BI continues to grow, and while there’s no question that analytics brings value, there is often uncertainty about how BI initiatives will deliver bottom-line benefits. Your business case for BI should prove ROI, but this is not always a straightforward process.

In this webinar, we teach you how to build a case for BI that is supported by ROI figures. With our client work ranging from simple reporting solutions to architecture upgrades and enterprise-wide implementations, we tell you how our customers are quantifying their success for continued investment in data and analytics capabilities. We also provide tips to make your ROI projections as accurate as possible.

We cover:

  • Overcoming the hard sell of BI
  • Example BI business cases that demonstrate ROI
  • Tips to building your business case for BI

Meet the host

David Williams, Managing Director, Analytics8

David leads our Customer Success initiative which ensures every customer is a priority. He and his team develop a deep understanding of each customer’s business goals, as well as their specific needs, so that our data and analytics solutions make a lasting positive impact.