7 Tips for a Strong Data Infrastructure

For your analytics solution to effectively drive decision making, you need a clean data and a flexible data infrastructure that can support present and future analytics needs.  All of your analytics goals (from the basics to advanced activities like machine learning) hinge on a solid data infrastructure.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of having a solid data infrastructure and strategy
  • 7 practical tips that you can start using right away to ensure your infrastructure supports your analytics needs

Meet the hosts

Christina Salmi, Managing Director, Analytics8

Christina leads our Data Strategy Service Line, helping our customers to think and act strategically about data and analytics.

Sean Costello, Senior Consultant, Analytics8

After careers in proprietary trading and business valuation, Sean finally found his calling as a data analytics consultant. He graduated the University of Illinois with a degree in Engineering and is a certified Looker data analyst. In his free time, Sean enjoys working on cars, watching the Green Bay Packers, and exploring the local restaurants and pubs of Chicago.