Narrative Science

Through our partnership with Narrative Science, you can spend more time on your business and less time explaining visualizations.

What is Narratives for Qlik?

Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation – a form of artificial intelligence using machine learning. Narrative Science’s product, Narratives for Qlik, is a Qlik Sense extension which produces automated written insights about your charts and data that you can easily share.

What Can I Do With Narratives for Qlik?

Instantly Transform Visualizations Into Narratives

  • Identify patterns and anomalies in data not obvious in traditional visualizations
  • Automatically learn about hidden insights within your visualization
  • Read insights that are in a natural, easy-to-consume language

Get Real-Time Updates As You Explore Your Data

  • Narratives dynamically respond in real-time as you interact with your visualizations
  • Receive automated analysis fueled by descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics
  • Spend less time interpreting data and more time making business decisions

Personalize Your Narratives So You Can Easily Share Them With Others

  • Choose your preferred format: bullets or paragraphs
  • Set your level of detail with a verbosity slider
  • Define word choice to enhance variability

What are the Benefits?

  • Improve the transparency of your insights by transforming complex data into English
  • Make your business more competitive by producing actionable insights
  • Make your data more relevant by highlighting only the most critical insights
  • Save time and resources by eliminating manual data analysis and reporting
  • Improve decision making with better insights that lead to more informed decisions


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