Upcoming Webinar

A8 Customer Roundtable

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 1 – 2 p.m. CT

Join us for a new virtual roundtable event, exclusive to our top customers! We’ve witnessed you and your companies do innovative and smart things to better your business through the use of data. We also know there are some common obstacles that each of you face and would like to provide you with an opportunity to share your successes, failures, and what-to-do-next challenges.

What Is It?

The A8 Executive Roundtable will bring together leaders from a select set of our customers to discuss challenges, opportunities, and innovative uses of data. No presentations or power points- just real, authentic conversations with your peers and an opportunity to learn from shared experiences.

Why Attend?

  • Talk to an exclusive group of your peers- We are only inviting a small group of our customers, with titles similar to yours, to participate in this exclusive roundtable. You will get the chance to share your experiences, have discussions around what is working (and what isn’t), and pick the brains of people in similar roles at other companies.
  • Interactive- Although this event is virtual, we are formatting it to be an interactive experience.
  • Valuable content- This will be an exclusive, closed-door discussion with your peers and colleagues. Learn what successes (and failures) other companies are having when it comes to data and analytics.


  • Welcome / Introductions / Opening Remarks (10 min)- After personal introductions, our moderator will set the stage for informative and interactive discussions.
  • The Discussion (30 min)- Led by our moderator, the group will discuss challenges, best practices, and emerging trends.
  • Closing (5 min)- Our moderator will summarize key points and takeaways from the discussion.

During this virtual roundtable, our discussions will be focused on:

  • Data and analytics pain points and challenges – the “keep you up at night” kind of problems.
  • Best practices around things that work and things that don’t.
  • Emerging trends in the data and analytics space.

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Meet the host

Patrick Vinton, Chief Technology Officer, Analytics8

Patrick is responsible for leading the technical direction of Analytics8, ensuring that we are able to provide the most cutting edge and effective technologies, methodologies, and approaches to help our customers make the best decisions with data.