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Looker is a full data platform that can work on top of any database, allowing you to bring your data into any of your existing workflows and every part of your business. You get more value from your data when it’s accessible wherever you need it.

What Does Looker Do?

Looker’s BI Platform harnesses SQL to create a full data platform that connects directly to your database. With Looker, you’ll experience some key features:

  • It utilizes its own data modeling language: LookML. LookML is not a replacement for SQL; it lets you define business metrics (e.g. lifetime customer value, conversion rate) and explain how tables relate to each other – one time – and then Looker writes the correct SQL to answer any user questions.
  • It connects directly to your database. There’s no data to extract, no parallel data pipelines, and no software to download. Manage data access for all of your users by setting permissions that control access to data at the row or column level.
  • It provides an easy way to create data visualizations. Looker offers an expansive library of visualizations, or you can build your own. It’s easy to place a visualization on a dashboard to build reporting schedules, set alerts, and more.

Here at Analytics8, we appreciate the ease in which Looker delivers data directly in the tools your teams use every day. Bring data into Slack,, or even in your custom applications. Or, build new applications on top of the Looker Data Platform to truly customize the experience for your business.

How Does it Work?

At a high level, here’s how it works:

  • Connect Looker to any relational database, like Amazon Redshift, MS SQL Server, MySQL, or Google BigQuery.
  • Looker automatically generates a data model from your schema.
  • Refine the model to reflect your company’s unique metrics and business logic.
  • Build the basics — KPI dashboards and departmental reports — then invite all your users to self-serve.

How the Looker Platform Works at a Glance


“Looker is a modern BI platform not burdened with legacy DBMS inefficiencies.” – Forrester Wave™

Forrester has evaluated the top BI tools on the market to help buyers understand the differences. In its 2017 report, Looker debuted as a Strong Performer and ranked highest of any vendor for BI strategy. Forrester noted “Client references gave Looker high scores for time-to-value, cloud/hybrid architecture, and professional services and help-desk organizations.”

In 2017, Looker added over 500 new customers, including Amazon’s Retail Group, Fox Networks Group, Square, trivago, CrossFit and Five Guys.

Check out how departments across all industries are using Looker to do more with their data.

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