How we are Transforming Visualizations with Narrative Science

Analytics platforms are giving us more insight into our data than ever before, but sometimes we need help deciphering the story behind all the visuals.

Analytics8 has partnered up with Narrative Science who offers a solution that simplifies analysis by interpreting visual data and translating it into written insights that are easy to read and share. Less manual interpretation means quicker (and smarter) decision making within your business.


Narratives for Qlik is a Qlik Sense extension powered by advanced natural language generation (NLG), a type of artificial intelligence that translates structured data (graphs, charts, and other visuals) into text. The automated smart analysis enhances your visualizations with narrative that explains the most interesting, important, and sometimes overlooked, facts about your data.


Simply put, Narratives for Qlik makes it quicker and easier to find insights in your data and then communicate them with others who can simply read – not interpret – the findings.  With Narratives for Qlik, you can:

  • Read data insights in natural, plain language
  • Identify patterns and data anomalies not obvious in traditional visualizations
  • Expose hidden insights within your visualization
  • See real-time, dynamic narrative updates as you interact with your visualizations
  • Customize your narratives by choosing your preferred format (bullet or paragraph), level of detail (how verbose do you want your narratives?), and defining your word choice

Here at Analytics8, we recently implemented Narratives for Qlik for one of our clients, a worldwide brewing company, to help them streamline a monthly performance review presentation. Each month, our client captured data about their global brands from several data sources and manually provided their findings in the presentation document. Narratives for Qlik now automates much of the document by programmatically identifying data trends and outliers, and our client realizes time saving benefits each month.

You can learn more about Narratives for Qlik through our Webinar: Transform Visualizations into Language

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