A QVW to QVF Conversion That Makes Sense

How do you migrate your QlikView Apps to Qlik Sense? It's actually easier that you may think. 

As Sense becomes more popular, going from *.qvw to *.qvf files will likely become a more and more common occurrence.

There is a feature built into Qlik Sense Desktop that allows you to easily convert the script, variables and data model of a .qvw into a .qvf. Your load script will be automatically moved over and includes the data from the original .QVW so you can start creating charts and graphs in Sense right away. However, keep in mind that this will NOT import UI elements, but porting over everything else will greatly reduce the effort of moving to Sense.

Here’s how to migrate from QlikView to Qlik Sense:

  1. Open Qlik Sense Desktop.
  2. Open a Windows Explorer window to the file path of the .qvw you want to convert.
  3. Drag and drop the .qvw file you want to convert into the Qlik Sense Desktop Window.
  4. Qlik Sense (2.x.x+) will create *.qvf in the directory along side the *.qvw file and open that file in a new Qlik Sense tab.

* Note there are some steps to take before attempting the conversion due to differences in features of the two products. More details here.

Check out more details about converting to Qlik Sense, including pro tips and our clients’ top reasons they migrated from QlikView.

This article originally appeared on the Unconventional QlikView blog. 

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