Global Qlik Partners Thirsty For Location Analytics

There is a need among customers and partners to incorporate location analytics and geostatial content into their Qlik environments. 

In the past couple months, demand for the geospatial content exploitation to support actionable and decision-based location analytics has skyrocketed. Customers are telling us they need more capabilities than basic map visualizations, they require the abilities to process large amounts of geospatial data, and they want a Qlik-based geospatial BI architecture that carries little to no technology debt.

So, at Qonnections 2016, Analytics8 CTO, Patrick Vinton, and I delivered a session titled Where to Next? Transition from Maps to Strategic Location Analytics (slides below), where we established a conversational baseline between the similarities and differences in using map visualizations and actually preforming location analytics.

There are three common use case buckets that most use cases can be categorized:

  1. Visualizing and Managing Sales Performance
  2. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance
  3. Movement of Goods, Services and People

We also shared a few practical considerations for achieving success with Qlik-based geospatial BI.

  • Be aware that technologies that are not fully integrated have hidden costs.
  • You can’t afford to ignore the licensing and support additional costs.
  • Trust technologies created by vendors whose DNA is in big data with first-hand experience in customer deployments.

Then we showed the fundamental characteristics of our QlikMaps true extension for QlikView and Qlik Sense.

So how does Analytics8 quench the Qlik-based location analytics thirst?

First and foremost, QlikMaps is developed by our Analytics8 Qlik developers, for the Qlik BI platform, to satisfy Qlik end user deployments.  This is a claim no other successful premier big data and analytics consulting firm can make.  One of the pieces of QlikMap’s successes  is commercial and technical friendly reseller program that is well received across all parts of the globe.

Coming out of Qonnections 2016 we engaged with Qlik consultants and resellers, and are expanding the availability of QlikMaps and UniverseBridge, to new regions of Europe, including Spain, Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans, we are laying our footprint in Brazil and Mexico, and APAC representation through Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will soon be a reality.  Qlik consultants and resellers are embracing Analytics8’s QlikMaps and UniverseBridge software products to satisfy the unmet demands and needs of their local end users.



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