Cloud Analytics Migration Checklist

More customers want to exploit the advantages of cloud computing – faster deployments, minimal IT involvement, and reduced hardware/software maintenance – and many data management and analytics platforms are making the move to the cloud. In fact, according to a BARC research study, "BI and Data Management in the Cloud: Issues and Trends," the number of companies using the cloud for their BI program has grown from 29% to 43% in the past 3 years.

Cloud Analytics Migration Checklist

If you’re thinking about migrating your analytics systems to the cloud, use this checklist to help guide and prepare you for this move.

In our Cloud Analytics Migration Checklist, we expand on the following technical and non-technical factors that should be considered as you determine your unique cloud migration strategy.

  • Know your business goals – How does cloud fit into your BI strategy?
  • Know your budget – Initial investment, OPEX/CAPEX approval, and more.
  • Assess your current analytics solution – What’s already in the cloud, what’s on premise, etc.
  • Plan your cloud environment – What parts will be in the cloud?
  • Define affected departments – Who’s driving the effort, who will use it, etc.
  • Review your data – Quantity, sources, and data types.
  • Consider security and privacy – Unique requirements, backup strategies, and more.
  • Plan the migration path – Cloud migrations are more successful with a plan.

Download the full cloud migration checklist here.

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