6 Tips to Create Powerful Data Visualizations

When creating data visualizations and dashboards, it’s not about creating “pretty charts,” it’s about effectively communicating the meaning of data to your users.

There are so many tools, tips, and tricks for good visualizations, and it can be hard to know which ones to utilize. In this eBook, our consultants share their expertise on how to create data visualizations that provide the most value to your organization.

We expand on the following tips to help you create powerful visualizations that guide users to insight.

1. Understand Context

Know your audience and what they care about.

2. Ensure the Dashboard Layout Emphasizes Your Primary KPI

The layout should facilitate a natural flow to consume the information provided.

3. Follow These Simple Design Techniques

Use design to highlight what’s important and promote optimal understanding.

4. Declutter

If it doesn’t add meaning to the chart, don’t use it.

5. Be Mindful of Size, Order, and Quantity

Space between bars and lines matters.

6. Avoid These Design Pitfalls

Avoid pie charts and other charts that visually skew data.

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