Analytics Solution Provides FleetCor with Complete View into Overall Fleet Operations

  • Developed self-guided analytics solution that uses online analytics to measure fleet performance through KPIs, visualizations, and dashboards
  • Solution provides near real-time dashboards that enable fleet managers to analyze performance and make changes to reduce costs, maximize discounts, and boost top and bottom lines


FleetCor has thousands of customers, ranging from small to large companies, who look to FleetCor for timely and accurate fleet analytics solutions in order to better understand and analyze fleet performance, monitor driver behavior, and ensure they are getting the best fuel prices. However, in order to get insights into this type of information, fleet managers were spending hours going over transactional reports and manually compiling information-which were often only available on a monthly basis. 


We developed a cloud-based solution named Comdata OneLook, embedded it into FleetCor’s existing user portal, and enabled single sign-on. This self-guided analytics solution refreshes data nightly and provides fleet managers the ability to measure fleet performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), visualizations, and dashboards.


With additional visibility into overall fleet and fueling behavior, as well as individual driver decision patterns, managers can now see how and where company funds were being used and make necessary changes to improve performance. Comdata OneLook provides access to near real-time dashboards focusing on fleet KPIs, driver behavior, fuel types, average price per gallon and more.

“Comdata OneLook is a modern and intuitive analytics tool that lets fleet managers view and manage every critical aspect of fleet performance, every mile of the day,” said Justin King, Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation for Comdata’s North American Trucking Division. “With Comdata OneLook, our customers will have a more automated understanding of their business, eliminating the need to manually analyze thousands of lines of transactional data.”

By having a holistic view of their fleet’s performance, this new solution allows fleet owners and managers to analyze performance and make changes that will help reduce costs, maximize discounts, and boost their top and bottom lines. Fleet owners and managers no longer have to wait for monthly reports to receive data.

“Comdata OneLook has really honed in on what my team needs. We now have access to fleet analytics
right out of the box, saving us the time and effort needed to pull reports manually. It used to take us half a day to do what we can now do in just a few simple clicks,” said Bill Davis, Category Manager, Procurement for PowerTeam Services, Inc. which was a beta customer.

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