Intuitive BI Solution Leads to Increased User Adoption Among Field Technicians

  • Implemented analytics solution for company to see clear snapshot of daily operations
  • Identifying more opportunities for revenue with increased adoption of tool
  • Can more accurately forecast revenue based on historical data and richer pipeline information

Company Background

With more than 200,000 installations across the world, Evoqua Water Technologies provides wastewater treatment, clean water reuse and recycling, pool water disinfection management, high-purity water for medical and scientific applications, and safe drinking water to millions of people and thousands of businesses.


More than 50 field representatives sell and service Evoqua products and services across the United States. With so much field activity, Evoqua needed to improve their tracking of sales, service, open orders, pipeline activity, and revenue. They had a field services dashboard in place to track such activity, but its complexity resulted in low adoption – field representatives weren’t consistently entering their activity, and Evoqua executives weren’t utilizing the reporting dashboard. Instead, they found themselves defaulting to manual, Excel spreadsheet-based processes that took hours to complete each week. The reporting system had limitations too, including the inability to drill down into data points and incomplete views of financial data. Each time they used spreadsheets and bypassed the reporting system, the field services dashboard became more obsolete. These manual processes and complaints of a busy interface drove Evoqua to seek a more holistic and user-friendly solution.


Analytics8 worked with Evoqua to build a new analytics solution to serve their two audiences:

  1. Field technicians and managers who need to track field activity, open orders, and pipeline activity
  2. Executives who need a complete view of the Field Services line of business, including goals, results, quotas, and revenue

Analytics8 first met with key stakeholders to help refine their key performance indicators (KPIs) that were inconsistent, too broad, and difficult to measure. Instead of tracking various individual targets and goals for field representatives, Evoqua now measures KPIs that apply to the whole business, such as Rate of Closure and Lead-to-Close ratios. These more result-oriented KPIs helped us remove unnecessary data from the dashboard and put more focus on the metrics that would enable Evoqua to make more informed decisions.

We then them implemented a QlikView solution that provides a clear snapshot of daily operations. The solution pulls in field data from SAP Business Warehouse and Excel data sources so that users have a complete view of revenue with the ability to drill-down to view more detail about open orders, pipeline information, forecasts, and representative activity.

The solution gives insight into meaningful metrics that will impact Evoqua’s bottom line, including the abilities to:

  • Track open service tickets, which are opportunities for more revenue
  • More accurately forecast revenue based on historical data and pipeline information
  • Track and view travel time for field representatives, which will eventually automate their expense reports

To address user adoption, we also embedded simple instructions about how to use the tool within the dashboard.

With this streamlined, more intuitive solution, field representatives are inputting their data which enables rich and accurate reporting. In turn, Evoqua executives are using the new dashboard as their main source of information to make data-driven decisions on the entire line of business.

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