Dawn Meats Gets Full Visibility Into Their Spend

  • Implemented a Spend Analytics solution, providing full visibility of spend.
  • Reduced manual analysis of spend across company.
  • Positioned company to identify rogue spend.

Company Background

Dawn Meats began a centralized procurement practice within their organization around four years ago. In order to understand their spend and supply base, they relied on IT resources to provide them with cuts of data from their Movex ERP system and from Suppliers who directly provided them with details regarding their purchases; including packaging supplies, office supplies, and facility consumables.


Analysts were manually pulling together data from their ERP system and Excel spreadsheets from their Suppliers. They then spent days using Excel to organize and identify spend within a specific category. They needed an automated, systematic, and scalable method of providing information regarding their spend and suppliers, without relying on repeated manual efforts to obtain and prepare the data for analysis.


We implemented SpendView at Dawn Meats. The solution includes five modules that maintain and update the information in the system, and also provides the ability to view the results of the cleansing, normalizing and enriching of the information.

  • Vendor Management: Normalizes suppliers across their system and enhances the data with business critical criteria.
  • SavingsTracker: Tracks savings resulting from strategic sourcing efforts.
  • Classification Rules Engine: Classifies spend to business specific sourcing groups.
  • Supplier Search: Searches supplier population based on the information provide within the Vendor Management application.
  • Spend Analysis: Allows the user to view all of the spend within their system, along with the enriched information from the previous applications.

Category Managers at Dawn Meats use SpendView to gain an enhanced view into the activities within their category and Engineers use it to search the supply base to identify potential suppliers for project specific tasks.


“With SpendView, we now have full visibility of our spend across all category areas and crucially now have a solution the procurement team can take ownership of themselves and use to drive projects in the future. The return on investment on this project will be measured in months rather than years.” – Dawn Meats project member

SpendView provides Dawn Meats with complete visibility into their spend and supply base, and the means to enrich their data in an automated and scalable way. SpendView allows them to better negotiate prices, identify rogue spend, identify potential suppliers for new projects and ultimately achieve greater cost savings resulting from sourcing initiatives. Instead of spending time manually compiling and organizing their data for analysis, they can focus on analyzing their spend data and using it to make better decisions that impacts the bottom line.

Watch to learn more about SpendView

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