Anheuser-Busch InBev Brews a Stout Solution with Sales Analytics

  • Built modern data architecture and implemented a BI solution that clearly communicated their sales data
  • Completed a large-scaled migration of on-premise data sources to a single cloud-based data warehousing system
  • BI solution establishes KPIs across sales division, and users no longer source and manipulate data for sales reporting
“I am blown away by our new data and analytics solution. It’s amazing. I never thought I would retire our old solution from my day to day routine, but its happening. Our new solution is a one stop shop for everything you need and it comes presentation ready!”
– Mike Walenta, RVP

“Analytics8 did an amazing job building a user-friendly suite of tools to help us transition from insights to action much quicker and better leverage our time looking forward.”
– Greg Sollazzo, RVP

Problem: Time Spent Compiling Data, Not Strategizing

With a market share of over 44% of the US beer industry, ABI has an unmistakable presence in every corner of the country. Their success has been driven by data-minded leaders who understand that all business functions must work in harmony to respond to market demands and maintain customer satisfaction while meeting sales performance goals.

But, like so many organizations – large, medium, and small alike – ABI’s growth resulted in a situation where sales teams across the country were struggling to analyze performance. They were using hundreds of different tools, data lived in siloed systems, and there were several interpretations of performance metrics.

ABI called upon Analytics8 to design and implement a sales analytics solution that would unify data sources, streamline analysis, and give sales leaders insight to mature their sales strategies and increase company revenue.

Solution: A Central Sales Data and Analytics Hub

The solution was two-pronged: lay the foundation with a modern data architecture, then implement a BI solution that clearly communicates their sales data.

We worked with ABI to complete a large-scale migration of their on-premise data sources to a single cloud-based data warehousing system in Azure. Utilizing this central data repository, we developed sales reports in Power BI which ingest the data via an automated pipeline. Users are no longer responsible for sourcing and manipulating data, and reporting is made easy with access to established KPIs across the sales organization.

Results: ABI Sales Leaders are Working Smarter, Not Harder

Given that each member of the sales team used to spend an estimated 10-20 hours a week preparing and analyzing data, ABI will save over 248,000 hours each year on manual analysis, which can now be used for more strategic activities. With significantly reduced reporting errors and data discrepancies, the ABI sales team has a reporting solution they can trust.

The sales analytics solution informs many crucial decisions:

Sales Performance: Sales leaders can take quicker action – no more waiting on analysts to prep the data. There is clarity and a single source of truth for target setting and bonus incentives.
Pricing: Sales Intelligence teams quickly understand how pricing changes and marketing promotions, such as BOGOs, impact overall performance and can come up with pricing strategies that will drive more sales.
Innovation and Strategy: ABI’s innovation teams can compare their market share against competitors in specific niches (like the recent explosion of seltzer brands) so they can respond to rapidly changing consumer preferences.
Revenue Drivers: Revenue Management users can identify revenue drivers and compare against others in the beer industry.
Distribution: Commercial directors can identify qualified areas to expand distribution reach.
Wholesaler Relationships: ABI can be strategic about wholesaler relationships, e.g. using COVID data to partner with wholesalers who responded well to stay at home orders.

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