Customer Story

Manufacturer Forges New Efficiencies and Deeper Analytics with Stronger Data and Insights

Company Overview

Scot Forge is a global leader in open die and rolled ring metal forging with more than 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing space. The company is 100 percent employee owned and specializes in making parts for nuclear submarines, mining trucks, oil and gas applications, infrastructure, power generation and space applications.


Scot Forge is an engineer-to-order business that supplies critical forged parts to many industries including mining, oil and gas, aerospace, and construction.  For many years, Scot Forge had relied upon static, emailed reports to support the needs of their operations, sales, quality and process planning departments.  While migrating from their old legacy ERP system to a new platform (JD Edwards), they discovered they needed a way to integrate their data across the two platforms.  Scot Forge also wanted a better, faster and deeper interactive experience for searching and analyzing its important data: from first pass yield, sales order/quotes, on-time delivery, assets cost, maintenance work orders to labor productivity.


Analytics8 developed a solution using QlikView that provides faster analytics and reporting. Scot Forge uses the QlikView apps to track and measure current inventory, improve purchasing-related decisions, analyze key performance indicators around labor performance, and track capital assets and their costs.

One of the QlikView applications Analytics8 created allows Scot Forge to analyze it bookings on a real-time basis. In addition, Analytics8 also built a maintenance application that gives the company visibility into work orders and the cost of those work orders by asset.  Scot Forge can now make more proactive decisions on when to re-order parts, allowing them to better plan purchasing decisions for material costs which make up a significant cost to their P&L. This solution truly put the “power of analytics” into the hands of functional users.

Having a partner like Analytics8 onboard to get Scot Forge started has reduced the time it took to build the Qlikview applications while also improving the underlying data.