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A Deeply Beneficial Solution to Smooth Out BI Kinks and Promote Organizational Wellbeing Opportunities

Company Overview

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the largest nonprofit professional association in the U.S. serving massage therapists, students, and schools. AMTA has 51 active chapters throughout the country working to advance the profession through ethics, standards, licensing, and education.


Like most well-established organizations, the AMTA collects and tracks its membership data over time, although not always with the most sophisticated tools. The association wanted to manage its data in a more robust way.


Analytics8 implemented its AMS Analytics product to enable the AMTA to identify insightful trends in its membership and registration data. In addition, the solution allows the association to analyze its marketing effectiveness, build membership profiles, and define and measure engagement.

Armed with a greater understanding of its membership and marketing strategies, the AMTA is increasing membership and retention. It’s also increasing its marketing effectiveness, market growth, event registration, and revenue through membership dues and events. In all, the AMS Analytics solution allows the AMTA to continue to build its membership engagement and provide strong and relevant benefits to its members.

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