The UniverseBridge 3.0 new release is the biggest one to date. New updates for the Qlik version and a major overhaul for the Tableau version.

Gartner’s report from last year said by 2017, most business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service tools  to prepare data for analysis. Their recommendation is to make buying decisions of these tools based on functionality and end-user requirements for self-service to maximize business uptake of analytic solutions.

This is great for companies just getting started with implementing data visualization and business intelligence tools. But what about the companies that have entire ecosystems built on traditional BI? Leaders at companies using traditional BI can’t necessarily get their hands on data when they need it to make smart, data-driven decisions for their departments.

With UniverseBridge, you can leverage your corporate business logic and semantic layer developed within BOBJ and seamlessly integrate your data into your visualization tools. It bridges the gap between your BOBJ data and data model and your visualization tools.

There are a handful of new updates, the most notable being UniverseBridge’s new capacity to bridge BOBJ to Tableau without ever leaving the Tableau UI.


  1. Huge Data Volume – UniverseBridge takes advantage of data streaming. While data streaming is sophisticated on the backend, the impact can be made clear with a simple analogy:
    Just as you don’t worry about your computer running out of resources while streaming hours of Netflix videos, the same can now be said about pulling your BOBJ data into your visualization tool via UniverseBridge. The amount of data you can pull is now infinite.
  2. A More Enjoyable and Intuitive User Experience – The interface got a makeover and the user experience is much easier. You are guided through an attractive and intuitive 3-step wizard, and everything is mouse-driven except your BOBJ ID and password.


  • Simple Installation:  Nothing needs to be installed on developer machines or Qlik or Tableau servers. There is just one, single component that needs to be deployed on the BOBJ server. This contrasts radically with other open database connectivity (ODBC) solutions that require installation of drivers on every machine in your environment.
  • Simple usage:  Everything is wizard driven, and anybody with BOBJ credentials can use it.  With other ODBC-centric solutions, each user needs administrative permissions on their machine and a deep understanding of ODBC.
  • Simple Promotion of Connections and Data sets:  Promoting UniverseBridge connections and data set to your server, connection library, and/or production environment is simple.  It’s either automatic or a simple right-click operation.  Unlike other solutions, there’s no need to create and modify ODBC DSN’s in multiple environments – despite being a change management nightmare, this is a big no-no, and assuming you have direct access to your Qlik/Tableau server, manipulating ODBC DSN’s is often forbidden by server admins and security personnel.


CIOs – Monitor your data and have better data governance. 

As a CIO, you know that a big struggle is to maintain data governance in an environment where coworkers and employees go rouge and use whatever tools they want to create the visualizations they need. They export data from BOBJ and import it into their tool of choice. This leaves users to make business decisions based upon unsanctioned, unqualified, and outdated data, and it leaves you with a data governance nightmare (and headache).

Regain control and keep your company’s data clean and current. UniverseBridge gives you the control to do your job and ensure data quality and governance while giving end users the flexibility to get the reports they need.

Users – Your life and your data made simple. 

No more manually exporting BOBJ reports and importing them into your tool. No more racing to place extracts on a file share, hoping you got it there in time for the next scheduled data load.  Instead build your reports and visualizations with ease and without fear of their contents being outdated.

UniverseBridge gives you the best of both worlds: the interactive visualizations offered by Qlik and Tableau coupled with the powerful backend and semantic layer of your current SAP BusinessObjects environment.


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