This move reinforces the importance of location analytics and the value companies gain from getting deeper insights into their data, but it does not change things for QlikMaps or for the market in general.  

Qlik added a mapping add-on to its product suite in January 2017, but this does not change things for QlikMaps or for the market in general. Customers still have the same choice when making a purchase to go beyond Qlik’s native mapping capabilities: invest in a connector technology that requires another server platform, or invest in a server-less technology that is a true extension of the Qlik platform.

QlikMaps is a true extension of the Qlik platform, not a connector technology to another server.

  • Extra servers mean extra cost, administration, maintenance, scaling, and security concerns.
  • Extra servers prevent a clean move to the cloud.
  • Extra servers impede OEM solutions.

Whether you are one of the hundreds of QlikMaps customers, or considering QlikMaps, rest assured that we’ll continue to invest in QlikMaps, and we’ll continue to be a close partner of Qlik’s.

Longer term, Qlik’s investment in additional manpower and geospatial expertise means that the core Qlik server will more rapidly have improved native support for geospatial functionality that can be leveraged by QlikMaps.  Having this functionality centralized inside the Qlik server — where it should be — allows the QlikMaps team to focus on the front end user experience:  making QlikMaps even easier to use, bringing self-service location analytics to the masses, and expanding into other areas such as indoor mapping.

With the release of QlikMaps 3.0, getting started is faster and easier than ever.  In just a few clicks (with NO coding required), you can build a map that extends Qlik Sense’s front end capabilities to include multiple layers, custom coloring, pop-ups, and drill down functionality. QlikMaps takes self-service location analytics beyond anything available in the market on any platform. It completely eliminates the barrier between developer and end user.  For the first time ever, end users have the power of true geospatial data discovery.

More information on QlikMaps here


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