Technology solutions for all of your business intelligence needs

BI Tools

We have strong partnerships with the best analytics vendors in the business, applications designed specifically for your industry, and products that take your BI system to the next level.

Other Technologies

  • Alteryx

    Using Alteryx's advanced analytics software, we provide our customers with a single workflow for data blending, analytics, and reporting.


  • Amazon Web Services

    We can design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your BI applications on AWS.

    Amazon Web Services

  • Birst

    We have vast experience deploying Birst into large, complex enterprise environments.


  • Cloudera

    We can help you implement a next-generation big data platform using Cloudera in conjunction with traditional data warehousing techniques.


  • DataRobot

    With DataRobot's automated machine learning platform, we can help business users (not just data scientists) deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time allowing you to make more meaningful decisions and improve the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.


  • In4BI

    With In4BI, we can help you organize and control the development and promotion of your BI application.


  • Looker

    We will help you implement Looker, a comprehensive Data Platform so that all business teams can view, explore, share, and make decisions based on a reliable, shared view of the business. 


  • Microsoft

    Microsoft SQL Server provides a powerful and scalable platform for managing data. From integrating, transforming and storing valuable data, to developing reports, all the way to creating analytical models with intuitive visualizations, our team is ready to help you leverage the power of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.


  • Narrative Science

    Using Narratives for Qlik, we can help you gain real-time insights with narratives that enhance your Qlik Sense visualizations.

    Narrative Science

  • QlikMaps

    QlikMaps is a location analytics engine for QlikView and Qlik Sense.  With QlikMaps, you can enhance your Qlik® apps with customized, interactive maps and geospatial analysis and make discoveries that graphs, charts, and dashboards just can’t reveal.

  • RapidMiner

    With the RapidMiner software platform, we can help data science teams unite data prep, machine learning, and predictive model deployment.


  • Tableau

    We help our customers use Tableau to build beautiful dashboards so they can use data to solve their problems.


  • ThoughtSpot

    With ThoughtSpot's search-driven analytics platform, anyone can build reports and dashboards within seconds to analyze their data- no training or technical experience needed.


  • UniverseBridge

    UniverseBridge connects your data visualization apps to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer, allowing you to leverage the power of SAP BusinessObjects in the back-end and use the front-end tool of your choice.

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