Three New Updates in QlikMaps 2.3

Enhancements to custom pop-ups, new functionality including the ability to plot lines, and view QlikMaps offline. 

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of QlikMaps is now available!  This update contains enhancements to custom pop-ups and also new functionality including the ability to plot lines and view QlikMaps offline.

Here are some of the highlights of this release:

Live, Interactive Qlik Charts Inside of Pop-Ups: 

See Qlik visualizations directly in your pop-ups to add more meaning and detail to your maps.

Ability to Plot Lines:

In addition to plotting territories, polygons, points, heat maps, and density maps, you can now plot lines!  Plotting lines is useful for showing how things change or move over time and what the trends in the data may be.  By plotting lines, you can easily see shipping lanes, driving routes, or telecommunication diagrams in an interactive and clickable way.

Shipping lanes:


Driving routes/public transportation:

Telecommunication network diagrams:

Offline Mode:

You can now use QlikMaps without internet connectivity!

More Information:

Existing QlikMaps customers can download QlikMaps 2.3 from our download site and start taking advantage of these new features today!

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