Mapping Expert Joins Our QlikMaps Team

Analytics8’s newest team member, Steve Lytle brings experience and ideas to QlikMaps.

“90% of what we do has a location element to it,” says Steve Lytle, the newest QlikMaps team member.

“It can be as simple as using a map to determine the closest store to visit or digging into more complex issues like looking at underserved areas known as food deserts. And of course, there are location elements that help you make good business decisions. There is incredible value with location that can really make things much more cost efficient.”

Lytle joins the Analytics8’s QlikMaps team with more than 30 years of expertise in location analytics with the hope of helping more businesses “uncover the hidden value of location,” as he likes to say.

“When people peel back the layers of location analytics, they realize there is true value there. That discovery still surprises some people, especially on the business side. That’s why I think it’s exciting for growth. There is still so much to be done in the business world with location analytics,” said Lytle.

An Expert In The Industry

Lytle has practiced GIS, imagery, and geospatial analytics for more than 30 years. At the start of his career, he was manually processing maps and images to find the valuable information. He was part of the early programs to move maps and imagery to the digital world and has seen those fields evolve to produce a new industry of location technology and analytics.

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“What I’m best at is visualizing things several years out and putting things in place now to execute against what hasn’t happened yet.”

For example, in 2005 when Lytle saw location enabled Business Intelligence come on the scene, he knew it was the route to go and enabled HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) for success in Oracle sales strategy. He built and enabled mapping in HERE’s entire Oracle system including their BI. “That’s where I got fascinated with BI and location BI,” he said.

Joining The QlikMaps Team

Lytle’s move to Analytics8 allows him to continue to be involved with location technology development as well be able to provide services with consulting.  “The knowns are knowns, now it’s execution and deployment time. The sweet spot is figuring out how to put our technology pieces together with whatever companies are using,” he said.

Lytle is not the only one excited to join the QlikMaps Team. “Steve’s passion for location analytics is obvious, and not just because he has dedicated his entire career dedicated to field,” said Analytics8 CTO and QlikMaps Product Architect, Patrick Vinton.

“Spend 5 minutes talking with Steve, and you’ll better understand how location analytics is a vehicle that can drive business decisions, not just a bunch of cool features that allow you to look at data differently.  This is why I’m excited to have Steve help with product strategy and also to help prospective customers and resellers across the globe better understand the business value of QlikMaps.”

Lytle’s Roots

Lytle’s love of geography began in San Diego as a surfer, intrigued by the science behind the ocean’s tides. He went to the University of California Santa Barbara to study geography and then got his masters in geography at Columbia University.

During his university studies, he was recruited to work with NASA on a variety of projects including field data collection by remote sensors and setting up satellite-based ground receiving stations for processing imagery throughout the world.

Steve and his wife have been married for 40 years and have two daughters. They currently live in San Diego where they love to spend time at the beach and time with friends and family that constantly come through the area. They also enjoy engaging in the social and political engineering aspects behind food deserts in their area and helping out in underserved areas with farm to table initiatives.



More On QlikMaps

We’re looking forward to having Lytle share insight and best practices on 2016 QlikMaps webinars. The final QlikMaps webinar of the year will be on Thursday, December 10 at 2:00pm CT.
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