QlikMaps 2.6 Now Available

We've got a QlikMaps update for you all. QlikMaps 2.6 has a number of new functionalities and bug fixes to make your life easier and your mapping happy.  #HappyMapping

New updates and new functionalities in QlikMaps 2.6:

  1. Polygon Boundary + Line Formatting in Sense: Changing the color, style and width has been possible in QlikView for a while. Now the same functionality is possible in Sense. You can use the polygon boundary to highlight the polygons most important to you while retaining context in your map. It’s also way simpler with input boxes instead of complex expressions.
  2. Geo Location on Sense: Selecting the Geo Location button in Sense will now pan and zoom to the location of the browser being used to view your application.
  3. Data Paging and Data Size Governors: These are advanced features we’ve created to give developers more control over how data is exchanged between Qlik Sense and QlikMaps. Now developers have the ability to change the behavior of QlikMaps when plotting very large data sets. Now developers have the ability to change how many points are added to your map at a time.
  4. Select button on Radials in Sense: Selecting a radial on the map brings up a pop up that now has a select button. When pressed, the Select Button will select all points inside the radial and pass the selection back to the Sense data model.
  5. Auto Zoom and Center: When drilling, subsequent layers will center and zoom if the auto center/zoom is selected. This saves the extra step of clicking on the reset button when a new layer is presented while drilling.
  6. A number of bug fixes.

Login at qlikmaps.com/download to upgrade to this latest version.

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