What’s New in Qlik Sense 2.0?

Qlik DataMarket, Easier Printing and Exporting, Smart Data Load, New Connectors, and more!

In June of 2015, Qlik released the latest version of Qlik Sense, Qlik Sense 2.0. Beyond the standard bug fixes and typical updates, there were also some significant improvements and enhancements that caters even more to users. Here are a few of the bigger items unveiled in this release:

Introducing the Qlik DataMarket

The Qlik DataMarket is a series of libraries of external data, available to the user as a service. These data sets are standard, repeatable data sets that allow the user to easily access and quickly integrate in their application. Some of the data sets come at a cost, but there are many available free to use out of the box.


Easier Printing and Exporting

One small, but powerful feature is an easier ability to share insights by printing or exporting sheets and visualizations as PDF or images. Users no longer need to take screenshots or set up any 3rd party software. You simply go to the top navigation and choose export sheet to PDF. The visualizations can be exported by right clicking on them.


Smart Data Load

Qlik has also enhanced the ability to load multiple different sources and easily combine that data via the smart data load. Users can bring in multiple different data sources and Qlik Sense will provide recommendations on the best possible matches between 2 fields in the data sets. This process has been added to the overall data load wizard.


New Connectors

The latest release has provided developers with additional connectors available for loading data, including the latest Salesforce connector.

Other Small (but important) updates

  • General look and feel refinements
  • Improved data compression
  • Improved smart search suggestion and ranking
  • Search in small device mode
  • Enhancements to the maps
  • Enhancements to the KPI objects
  • Enhancements to the pivot tables
  • New authentication methods (SAML)

Frequently Asked Questions about QlikSense 2.0

How do I upgrade from QS 1.1 to QS 2.0? I do not want to lose the work already done with 1.1.
To update to Sense 2.0, you simply need to download the executable file from the Qlik download site. All content built in QlikSense 1.1 will transfer to QlikSense 2.0, so there is no need to worry about losing all your work.

Is QlikSense a replacement for QlikView, or can they run side by side on the same hardware?
No, QlikSense is definitely NOT a replacement for QlikView. In fact, they are designed as separate products that complement one another. Qlik Sense Desktop and QlikView Desktop can run on the same computer but the servers cannot run on the same hardware.  Any QVDs that were created in QlikView can also be used in QlikSense.

For customers currently on QlikView and wanting to take their apps mobile, is QlikSense the only way to go?
Absolutely not! All QlikView apps can still be available via mobile devices however, QlikView is not a responsive app so the UI may need to be redesigned for smaller form factors.

Will QlikSense pull in existing QVD files created previously in QlikView? Is this a recommended approach?
Yes, Qlik Sense can still pull in existing QVD files that were built previously with either QlikView or Qlik Sense. It is still recommended that you use QVDs when available as these are the native format for all Qlik products. Also, a QlikView qvw file can be binary loaded into Qlik Sense and a Qlik Sense qvf file can be binary loaded into QlikView. This makes it possible to quickly get going with Qlik Sense for self service business discovery without impacting your existing QlikView guided analytics.

Are there any significate changes from QlikView to Qlik Sense within the data load process?
There have been no changes to the standard data load process in QlikView. The new Data Manager in Qlik Sense allows users to profile their data and automatically suggests joins based on the content of fields.This makes it easier for non-technical users to build their own data models and applications.

Can you talk about the export options?  Is export to PowerPoint available in Sense 2.0?
The export options for users have been enhanced to allow for easy exporting of visualizations or entire sheets directly to PDF or as an image. There is, currently, still no out of the box capability to export directly to PowerPoint.


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